Queer Eye
Season 2

Season 1

Feb 7, 2018

Season 1 of Queer Eye was released on February 7 and consists of 8 episodes.

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1: You Can't Fix Ugly
Feb 7, 2018
A lonely dump-truck driver with a big ol' heart goes from "ugly" to unbelievable and learns how to reverse years of bad habits.
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2: Saving Sasquatch
Feb 7, 2018
He's drowning in dog hair and prefers to keep his friends at a distance. But this self-depreciating app builder is finally ready to let folks in.
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3: Dega Don't
Feb 7, 2018
A NASCAR enthusiast and former Marine known for his wild parties and crazy costumes makes an effort to dress up and connect with his family.
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4: To Gay or Not Too Gay
Feb 7, 2018
An emotional makeover helps the self-proclaimed "Straightest Gay Guy in Atlanta" come out to his stepmother and make peace with his past.
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5: Camp Rules
Feb 7, 2018
The Fab Five pull off a miracle with a devoutly Christian father of six by redesigning his tiny home and giving his bride the reception she never had.
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6: The Renaissance of Remington
Feb 7, 2018
After inheriting his grandmother's home - and her dated decor - a young entrepreneur digs his way out of a time warp to find his own style.
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7: Below Average Joe
Feb 7, 2018
A subdued stand-up comic who lacks self-confidence after a major weight loss is swimming in big, baggy clothes. And he still lives with his parents.
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8: Hose Before Bros
Feb 7, 2018
A selfless firefighter jumps at the chance to revamp his image and give his fire station a sleek, new look just in time for a community fundraiser.
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