What Lives Inside

Season 1

Mar 25, 2015

Season 1 of What Lives Inside was released on March 25 and consists of 4 episodes.

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1: Episode 1
Mar 25, 2015
While mourning the loss of his world-famous puppeteer father, Taylor finds himself mysteriously transported to the magical world of his father's show.
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2: Episode 2
Apr 1, 2015
Taylor finds himself tossed back home, unable to explain what’s happening, and later discovers The World Beyond may be in danger.
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3: Episode 3
Apr 8, 2015
Taylor reconnects with his old friend Chester, and learns of a way to save The World Beyond.
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4: Episode 4
Apr 15, 2015
Taylor makes an unexpected ally, who takes him on a journey to see someone he’d long since forgotten.
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